The Chairman's Address

The picturesque Yalong River Valley is a natural treasury of green energy. Because of its abundant water resources, good regulation capacity, little inundation loss, and excellent economic indicators, the Yalong is a river well-known for its hydropower potentials.

After successful completion of Ertan Hydropower Station, with the authorization granted by the Central Government, Yalong River Hydropower Development Company, Ltd. (Yalong Hydro) insists on the guidelines for scientific and expedited development, sticks firmly to the “Four-stage Strategy”, and has been making great endeavor in pushing forward hydropower development along the entire river valley.At present, Yalong Hydro has a total generation capacity of 14,700MW, and quality assets exceeding RMB100 billion. With Ertan in safe operation for over a decade, Guandi, Jinping-I, and Jinping-II power stations all complete, and Tongzilin having its last unit yet to be completed shortly, the Stage 2 of the Yalong River development strategy has come to a successful completion. In the middle reach, construction of Lianghekou and Yangfanggou projects has been officially commenced in succession, and preparatory work is being carried out for the other 5 projects of Kala, Yagen-I, Yagen-II, Lenggu and Mengdigou. In the upper reach, preliminary work such as planning of ‘1 reservoir for 10 cascades’ has been started.

Facing the new era, new goal, and new journey, Yalong Hydro shall be guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, bear in mind our aspiration and mission of “serving the needs for the nation and people by supplying chean renewable energy ”, and lead the staff to make persistent endeavor for realization of the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.